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Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of Summer!

It's still August! Another season about to end and time to reflect.

It is hard to believe another summer/season is about to come to a close.

For those who have the time, peace and quiet to reflect on the end of another season, whether that season is a calendar one or a life cycle one, it is always good to take stock of where you are, where you've been and where are you headed. I do not do that enough in my life to make concrete plans to improve and really focus on just what is really important; and am I making the necessary steps to get there?

It is so true, the saying, "In the beginning we make the habits and in the end the habits make us". My life is good and I do not celebrate it appropriately. I take most of it for granted until I really stop and analyze it. To make changes for the better takes courage and determination, sometimes referred to as character. Doing the right thing in all circumstances in today's world is almost unheard of. Do you have that kind of courage?

Bringing Meaning To Madness

Find the courage to do the right thing throughout your daily life and make those changes that are necessary to keep you motivated, strong and an active member of our American society. Stay positive, never surrender and never give up!


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