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Friday, May 22, 2009

SamePowerLessBucks Is Here

Sometimes it takes a long while to make a decision. That applies to me and blogging. I spend so much time in front of a computer that I just couldn't imagine voluntarily spending more time by starting a blog.

Wife Made Me

Let's chalk this up to my wife nagging me, I mean, encouraging me to join the world of blogging. Sure, it's easy for her. She's a professional writer who owns 2 blogs for her personal use, and she ghostblogs for others.

Blogging Coach

Guess that means I have my own personal, expert blogging coach. I mean, she writes blogs about how to blog. Look her up if you're interested.

My Mission

Here's what I'll offer you: advice and education about reducing your power costs because that's what I do as a sideline. My main line? I'm a Risk Management/Trader in the Energy Business. Needless to say, I know more than most people will ever know about all kinds of Energy products.

Bringing Meaning To Madness

Follow along as I teach you what the electricity companies don't want you to know.
"If it weren't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight." ~ George Gobel

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